You can book hotel in Dubai Marina and enjoy Dubai best place and best beach hotels in Dubai.

Best Beach Hotels in Dubai

The accommodation in Dubai can be sorted by price, location and, of course, quality. In Dubai you can get accommodation for 84 AED per person, eg you can rent an apartment via Airbnb.

If you insist on a hotel but have limited finances, interesting for you could be the Deira and Burj Dubai, the old parts of Dubai, the atmosphere is awesome and the place offers an easy access to the modern centre. Great thing is to be near the metro.

Luxury, on the contrary, you will find near Jumeirah, Dubai Marina or on the palm island. Best beach hotels in Dubai are near Jumeirah.

It is always about what you prefer. If you are going to Dubai for 4 days, it may be better for you to take a best beach hotels in Dubai. But if you go there for 14 days in a group of 3 people you have to think a lot about food, services and entertainment which are not really the cheapest matter and you can save a lot of money on your accommodation.

If you are looking for hotels I recommend you You will have the option to pay on the spot. For renting apartments try Airbnb.

If you choose a hotel in Deira or Burj Dubai and pay for the breakfasts, expect mostly oriental ones, Indian, etc. Rice, various blends and so on… definitely do not expect a great selection of cheeses, fruits, vegetables and savoury at cheap hotels and even in the 4-star hotels.

You can read more about Best Beach Hotels in Dubai, luxury hotels in Dubai and affordable Dubai hotels, start here – luxury Dubai hotels.

Beware of:

  • As always – reviews
  • Location – Do you want to be an hour ride away from the sea or travel to the sea 10 stations by metro? The proximity of the metro is a very important factor for me even though I use taxis a lot.
  • If you want to enjoy Dubai (visiting attractions, shopping, food …), the cost of your accommodation should be 30% of your budget.

Unnecessary to consider while choosing:

  • Free airport transfers – taxis are relatively cheap in Dubai, and there is a metro near the airport, which makes it unnecessary to restrict your choice of accommodation.
  • Accommodation including half board is a good thing but think for a while. Are you willing to go through the whole city just for lunch or dinner and then go back to the exploration?

In Dubai, I never had a problem with accommodation, but I would definitely not choose 2-star hotels somewhere in the suburbs. A 4-star hotel in Deira could be compared to average 3-star hotel in the Europe (just for an idea).

Accommodation in other emirates:

Sharjah – from here you can easily get to Dubai. It is not very far. There are nice beaches, hotels, on the other hand, it is probably the most conservative emirate where it is required to have your shoulders shrouded. Men should not have shorts, etc. Let’s days that it is a good place if you come around a good offer. There is also a lot to do.

Ras al Khaimah – I’ve been there. Many agencies offer a trip there. A week stay with all inclusive and a transfer from and to Dubai for 800 eur. The emirate is quite far from Dubai, there are also not many options. There are some available trips, but it has to be said that it is rather expensive. There are 2 nice shopping malls and an interesting Arab market. I think it could be an alternative to Egypt. Meaning, you go there if you just want to lie by the sea, have unlimited food and drink, be in a safe and clean country and it does not matter to you if you make a trip to Dubai or Oman.

Abu Dhabi – a “greener” emirate. There are many possibilities, on the other hand, compared to Dubai, it is still quite limited. Dubai is the main centre of activities and opportunities. It is not a boring place though. There is a beautiful mosque of Sheikh Zayed, Formula 1 circuit, Ferrari Park, a nice water world, department stores, etc…

I do not dare to judge the other emirates, we visited other places but since I was not accommodated there and there was no time I cannot say if it is good or not or for whom the emirate is suitable. Maybe I’ll visit them in the future and supplement my interpretation.



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