Dubai beach - near Burj Al Arab
Dubai beach - near Burj Al Arab

Dubai has nice beaches with attractions and beautiful surroundings – skyscrapers, artificial islands, and so on.

Where and how to go swimming in Dubai?

Before describing the beaches, here is an article where I describe how to go swimming near to the airport that can be useful if you are in Dubai for short period of time or you have already left your hotel but want to get more out of the experience the most.

Then there is one more helpful article, where I talk about the Atlantis Water Park. It is a great place not only for kids but also it is an opportunity for you to go swimming near a beautiful and calm beach.

Beaches along Jumeirah Road

Long beaches – not all of them are open to the public. There are miles of beaches – ranging from Dubai Marina to Burj al Arab and go on far beyond.

I recommend two beaches in this part of Dubai – one at Dubai Marina. Just tell to a taxi driver the magical words “Dubai Marina beach“ and he is going to you there, or Dubai Marine can be reached by metro. In this case, there is a little bit of walking involved (around 700 meters). You will cross a bridge over the Marina, go further to the sea and you will see. I tis very nice there.

You can find there anything you need, for example, showers, changing rooms and there is also the possibility to rent a deckchair/cabin, there are plenty of restaurants and bars right on the beach incl. small market, water attractions, you can ride a camel directly on the beach, after leaving the beach you can visit the Marina. The disadvantage is there is a lot of people and I recommend coming earlier – before 11 AM, otherwise, you might not be able to get a deck chair.

On the other hand, I appreciate that you can come here without towels, you can borrow them here for a refundable deposit. So you can see there is everything you need, you do not need to be worried about anything.

Beaches after Burj al Arab – you can get a ride to Burj al Arab Beach and from there you can go even further and find many other beaches. Some very calm and other very bussy with stalls and restaurants. The view of Burj al Arab from the sea and the beach is very nice. There is Kite Beach and by it is a skateboard park.

On some beaches, you can rent deckchairs. From my experience, the further from Burj al Arab, the lower the prices and the cheapest services I found there did not have towels. These beaches are quieter then the beaches near Dubai.

There are of course more beaches, I recommend if you really like to swim in the sea and snorkel and you are interested in nature and you want to be more relaxed, you can go to the Fujairah emirate, which lies near Oman. There are a beautiful nature and sea where you can come across turtles, fish, corals, white sand.

What to be aware of at the beaches in Dubai and UAE

I have heard many rumours, so I will tell you a little bit about how it really is. On public beaches you can, of course, wear swimsuits (for ladies bikinis and for gentlemen shorts or normal swimsuits), but forget about top-less sunbathing. And you should only smoke at the ashtrays, but if they are not on the beach, I always use a cup instead of it – just so I would not make a mess.

As soon as you go out of the beach, maybe for a refreshment in the streets, you should always wear a T-shirt. I once went to the streets shirt-less and an officer approached me and alerted me of the fact you have to wear a shirt while in public. I believe it will not cause trouble for anybody. Ladies could have some simple, comfortable dresses by them that they can easily put on them and there will be no trouble.

Safety on the beaches is the priority here, I was not afraid even to leave a mobile phone and my wallet on the table at the deck chair, but if there is a lot of people, put it in a bag, just to make sure you will still have it when you return. Definitely, do not throw rubbish on the ground, always use a trash can.

Photos – Avoid taking photos of people without their permission. Of course, the internet is full of people on beaches, but someone can mind it and put you into unnecessary trouble. Taking pictures of people without their permission in Dubai is not allowed.

There is one rule: If you behave well, you can enjoy and spend the day there as you like. Pretty good thins is that on some beaches they will bring you an ordered meal or drink to your sunbed. You can also walk around the beaches, swim as you like and do not worry about anything and enjoy every single minute of your time there.



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