For Muslims, Ramadan is the most sacred period. Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. From sunrise to sunset, local people are fasting these days. If it is Ramadan, forget about alcohol.

Tourists should not eat and drink in public. Local hotels are adapted to it, so you can eat somewhere in a private there. Keep in mind the shorter open-hours of shops and businesses. You are less limited after sunset. Right after sunset, you can taste the best of Arabic cuisine. Bistros, restaurants and hotels too are preparing specialities at this time.

The Ramadan period is a different each year, but it always starts at a specified date in May or June. The Ramadan period starts May 16 and ends June 14 in 2018.

Visiting Dubai or other emirates is not a problem. I personally recommend getting more decent clothes. Also, don’t smoke, eat or drink in public during the day. On the contrary, in the evenings you will experience something untraditional.

Ramadan is about the cleansing of mind, helping others, good deeds. It is time for meetings, not only with friends but mainly with family.

Ramadan in Dubai – video:


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