Dubai design week -illustration photo

The word eco-tourism more often than not rings in scenic views of green forests and greener lodges amidst them. But NYU Abu Dhabi students are trying out ways to bring the eco-friendly tourism to the desert. Next month will see the start of Dubai Design Week where students will showcase their innovative ideas in the week-long standout exhibit in Dubai. University teams across the world will attend this grand show where more than 150 projects will contend for an investment in their project and a handsome cash prize.

UAE will have seven teams representing their country among which two projects are expected to stand out from the rest. A team from NYU has planned to showcase a unique approach to UAE tourism. They plan to launch a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly tourist destination in the desert of UAE.

Prefabricated construction techniques and space exploration tech will govern the project design. The model is touted to be an eco-friendly house amidst the desert which has zero impact on the surrounding environment.

The second project will have two female students showcase an efficient way to seawater desalination. For Dubai, this is presently a huge requirement. As per the students, this project is less dependent on energy and combines design, innovation and engineering brilliantly.

The cash prize is expected to increase from the previous year where a team from Poland won the cash prize of $10,000 along with project mentorship for designing jewelry which can treat the wearer’s carpal tunnel syndrome.


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