Dubai Frame and Zabeel park

The Dubai Frame is a gorgeous building that literally hits your eyes as you pass by. If you happen to go to the Dubai Frame, you will see the old part of Dubai from above and the new, super modern part of the city too, as it is the main thing Dubai Frame was designed to offer. Very beautiful.

In 2008, an architectural competition was announced. More than 900 proposals were in the selection and the whole competition was won by architect Fernando Donis. The same architect later sued Dubai for undertaking construction work without his knowledge.

The construction price went up to 250 million AED. By my point of view a very good price, as it is a very interesting building. The building will surely attract a lot of tourists from across the world and it gives a little extra to this modern metropolis.

After sunset, you can see LED illumination on the building. It even changes colours. During the day the Dubai Frame looks like it is made of gold. But let’s go inside. From 9 am to 9 pm, you have the opportunity to come, pay for a ticket (50 AED) and enjoy the view combined with a modern virtual reality experience.

First, you will see a museum that will show you how the city has turned from a fishing town to a super modern metropolis.

The place where two towers, which are 150 meters high, connect (the Petrin Tower is 64 meters high, just for comparison) is a beautiful view. The floors are partly made of glass but do not worry, the floor is still strong enough and the will be from the beginning be only partly see-through, so you can adapt to the fear little by little. The view of the modern part of Dubai is truly splendid. Once there I always admire Sheikh Zayed Road and surrounding buildings.

As you walk down the second tower, you will find a projection that shows how Dubai will look like in 50 years from now. The whole object uses modern technologies, virtual reality and various technological miracles.

Dubai Frame is located in Zabeel Park, a short walk from Dubai Garden Glow, which is also worth your time. You can pay it a visit and see two beautiful places in a very short time.



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