Dubai e-gaming - ilustration photo

People hardly expect people in the UAE to be high up there in the gaming culture. They do fall on the quieter side yet manage to make a clear-cut statement. The gaming craze has also managed to sweep Dubai off his feet just like other cities in the world. Starting from PC games to Xbox and even PS4, the Middle East takes immense pride on their gaming community which claims to be one of the most active ones in the world.

As global rankings according to NewZoo go, the UAE is ranked 36 in the world having a contribution of Dhs 1 Billion which accounts up to $313 million to the game market. Various gaming cafes, malls and even universities arrange competitions where fans challenge each other to become the champion. A wide variety of games are available for every type of gamer in Dubai.

Dubai aims to take the gaming scenario one notch higher by building the Dubai-X stadium where e-gaming tournaments will be hosted.

The top 3 gaming spots in Dubai

1. Millennium Avenue tops the list which only hosts competitions and tournaments of computer games.

2. Flamingo Café comes second with one of the hottest gaming cafe and a billiards café. Reservations can also be made here.

3. Rail has branches in JLT and Garhoud and is renowned as the coolest gaming hub in Dubai. A PlayStation game will charge you DHS25 per hour.


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