Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden – Discover the beauty of Dubai Gardens

72 000 square meters, more than 45 million flowers, from which are built various objects such as pyramids, figures, hearts, huge ants or sculptures or also a flower village. This is in short Dubai Miracle Garden, a beautiful place that is worth to see.

It is known, that Dubai is typical with a lots of records. You can admire for example a record flower wall or “flower airplane” Airbus A380.

Dubai Miracle Garden A380
Dubai Miracle Garden A380

You can easily reach the gardens of al Barsha South by bus number 105. This bus leaves from the stop of Mall of the Emirates.

The Miracle Garden is opened from December to April, when there is no enormous heat in Dubai and there is a main tourist season. Sometimes it is kind of slushy, but it is a matter of opinion. Anyway, it is an interesting place to visit, where you can have small refreshment or just to relax.

In order not to be there just flowers, there are also ponds, fountains or the ceiling made of umbrellas. You can enjoy a cup of tea from plant flowers or just walk all day through the theme gardens.

There is a plan to create few organic “bio” restaurants using flowers in here. There will be built also hotel, cafes, shops, which should fit into the garden style.

In the beginning, I have mentioned huge spaces of gardens. If you do not like too much walking, you can use a small train. Entrance fee is 30 AED – the price of snacks seemed to me higher, so I recommend rather to refresh somewhere around (mainly for families with children).

Dubai Butterfly Garden – just a short walk from Miracle Garden

If you are thinking about where to move on and you liked the Miracle Garden, I suggest you to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden as well. It is only a short walk away and you will be in a place full of butterflies and plants, what is really incredible. Mainly children will love this place. There are several species of butterflies and some of them are really large.
Entrance fee is 55 AED. You can watch the video at the end of this page.

Dubai Miracle Garden video

Dubai Butterfly Garden video



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