Dubai Square visualisation by Emaar
Dubai Square visualisation by Emaar

Dubai has the largest shopping centre called Dubai Mall, but it’s not enough. In Dubai will stand a larger one that will twice as big.

According to available information, the estimated price is nearly 10 billion AED, the shopping centre area is 750,000 square meters. It’s quite a logical step from my point of view. The number of tourists travelling to Dubai grows every year and Dubai Mall sometimes does not have the capacity (my feeling), plus Dubai needs to think about the future, there are many shopping centres all around the world, but customers are from year to year more and pickier and there need to be such centres that will suit their future needs. Dubai’s is going to try to offer such services.

Dubai Square thinks about the future a lot. Shopping centres should be primarily about shopping, but also about entertainment and modern technology. Shopping centre should be a place where you will feel comfortable, you need to be able to spend the hot summer days there in comfort and spend your money without having to go away.

There should be even an aqua park. Plenty of fun and high-end technology. The goal is that people do not just go shopping, but they spend time here, many Western companies are expanding into the Emirates, and the upcoming EXPO, which is subject to many things in Dubai, should help. In this shopping centre, there won’t be just shops, but many companies will have their showrooms there.

According to the latest information I’ve found, the idea is such: you can just go shopping to this centre, have some fun there, you visit a cinema, see 3D projections, then go to the water park, then have a meal there and the adults can see some interesting presentations of modern products and technologies in the meantime.

Drones should be there as well. Your mobile will become a barcode reader while shopping, you can test things like 3D print, 3D video mapping and there will also be a sports arena for you to enjoy. The place also offers plenty of fun even for the youngest.

To make it fun, the whole project is inspired by a variety of popular shopping centres around the world and popular tourist destinations such as Oxford Street in London or the Champs-Élysées in Paris. And there will be a Chinese quarter as well!

Some parts will be hyper-modern, surrounded by a variety of interactive screens. Other parts will look like a nice and spacious city district with palm trees all around.

The shopping centre will be at the Dubai Creek Tower – the world’s largest tower, 100 meters above the Burj Khalifa and should be functioning by 2020. The Dubai Creek Tower should be reachable within 10 minutes of the metro ride. The whole building process is provided by company Emaar, which is currently working on an extension of the metro line. The company has built the Dubai Mall and other major buildings.

Dubai Square Visualization by Emaar

Dubai Square video


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