Dubai Taxi
Dubai Taxi

Dubai’s transportation options are just great. You can choose from many options, a taxi, Dubai subway, a boat, etc…

Taxi in Dubai

You can use Uber, but it seems to me a bit expensive. In Dubai taxi is relatively cheap, prices may change, but 1km is currently 2 AED + boarding payment – around 10 AED. You can find a taxi at every corner. It is a good thing to take a metro and from metro station take a taxi and travel this way to the desired location. If you travel in a group (3, 4 people), it may be more advantageous to take a taxi. Taxis are safe (they are equipped with cameras and are connected to satellite monitoring) and use a taximeter. You can pay by cards there. Watch out for the black taxi, most of them are occupied by Uber drivers, standing in some places and enticing you, but it’s often a fairly expensive ride. Take a standard taxi.

Metro in Dubai

Good way of transportation. Just watch out for wagons for special card holders + on a female wagon, it is marked (even on the entrance to the metro). You can buy a daily ticket (20 AED), a ticket for just one ride, or a drive-card, for example, in the vestibule where you can transfer some credit, eg 50 AED and say to the problems connected with transportation goodbye. You just need to enclose it to the payment terminal and pay this way. Every time you pay a display will show you the remaining amount. If you do not want to stand in a queue for a ticket every day, buy a card and drive freely. If you are planning to travel daily you need the card for sure. The metro is very crowded but well air-conditioned.

Tram in Dubai

It is just like the metro but you travel on the ground not under it. You can take a tram ride to Dubai Marina. Tickets for metro and tram are the same. Just keep in mind that you need to attach your ticket to the reader in order for the ride to get noted.

Buses in Dubai

There are buses in Dubai, but I do not have a personal experience in this field. I always use a long distance subway + taxi to reach a specific place.

Abra Dubai

Water taxi between Deira and Burj Dubai along the local canal. It is about 5 minutes ride on a wooden boat for just 1 AED. It is an interesting experience and probably the cheapest “entertainment” in Dubai.

Hop on hop off in Dubai

Around 250 AED per person, quite a bit expensive. On the other hand, it includes water, coffee in Costa Coffee, some drives include evening trips etc. But I do not like this kind of tourist transportation. You are always stuck in a queue waiting for a bus or in a traffic jam. You need to pay for a ticket and then you get tired of it soon.

Boats and yachts

Dubai Marina – every evening you will find there several boats. The boats are there even during the day, but in the evenings you can have an awesome dinner there even with music. At the same place are the Abras in Deira (near the Gold Souk or Banias Square metro station), you can embark on an enlightened boat through a lagoon. There is a lot of boats offering evening ride every evening + food and it is not expensive.



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