Ras al Khaimah emirate is located approximately 120km from Dubai and has recently been widely offered by travel agencies at discount prices. For an idea, a weekly holiday (all inclusive) often costs around 2460 AED (including accommodation, air tickets, all-inclusive and eventually transfer).

The Ras Al Khaimah emirate a kind of alternative, for example, to Egypt or Tunisia, plus there is a lot of hotels. However, of course, Emirates are much cleaner and secure than the countries mentioned, which is, by the way, one of the reasons why I often recommend Emirates to those who want only to go to sea in the winter. You can get there in just 6 hours and there is no danger involved, unlike in Egypt, I need to congratulate those who have not experienced intestinal problems while travelling there.

If you are an active person I don’t recommend you Ras Al Khaimah (If you want to explore, enjoy the experiences, etc.). You will find there nice shopping centres, good restaurants, plenty of outdoor restaurants with a water pipe, nice beaches and interesting market place (more Arabic than the souks in Dubai). But you will pay a quite considerable amount for trips. You can take advantage of hotel and travel agency trips (use services of local agencies) but trips to the desert, Oman and Dubai are quite a bit of expensive fun.

What I see as an advantage to the Ras Al Khaimah emirate:

  • Has its own airport, and a relatively short transfer from Dubai
  • Clean and safe – It is not as clean as Dubai, nobody is running around you with a mop, but it is still a clean holiday destination
  • Nice sea and beaches
  • Affordability – Cheap hotels with all inclusive
  • great marketplace (call a taxi and say the word “bazaar” and it will take you there) – it has an Arabic atmosphere, some places have a harsher impression
  • Nice shopping centres
  • Cheaper taxi than in Dubai
  • Feels more Arabic than Dubai (subjective feeling)
  • Ice Land Water Park – a water park where there are quite a few people

What I see as a problem:

  • Compared to Dubai, there are fewer options
  • Nice sea, but if you want only the sea and I mean a beautiful sea with the possibility of diving perhaps, I recommend the Fujairah emirate
  • Expensive trips of the local agenciesEven if you want mainly sea, cheap prices and food, you may want to visit Dubai. You are close to it. Or maybe make some other trip, I always recommend you to find out what the price of the agencies and hotels is and then compare it with the price for a taxi, clearly. The trip will be without a guide, but if you travel in a group, you can save a fortune on one trip. E.g. I and two of my friends went to Dubai from there and it was quite cheap (cheaper than the other options). The taxi in Ras al Khaimah will even blow on you if you go on foot, they are everywhere and it’s the cheapest transport available. There is also the possibility of a bus, the approximate price to Dubai is around 20-25 AED per person, the taxi is around 220 AED. But if you are eg 4 people, I recommend taking a taxi.

Excursions from agencies:

You can go to the desert (quad bikes, off-road rides, an evening program and dinner in an oasis) or to Oman, local agencies and hotels offer a fjord trip – in the morning a car will come for you, take you to Oman, will take care of your visas for you (during the trip) and you will spend a beautiful day on a boat. There are several stops for snorkelling and lunch and you can also see dolphins in the surrounding water. You can also go for a trip to Dubai, but I personally recommend getting your own means of transportation (mentioned above) – you can go there two or three times that way, for the same amount of money.

Possibilities in Ras al Khaimah:

There are several options. You may want to go for a sea, the market, shopping centres or you might want to visit Ice Land Water Park – a water park where there are quite a few people. The entrance is 90 AED.

Mountains – mountains are full of goats. The highest mountain Jebel Jais is 1930 meters high and is the highest mountain in the whole country. I‘ve heard somewhere that they are planning to build a ski area at the top of it. The mountain can be reached by car (or you can have a walk there), but you will need to walk for a while anyway.


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