Dubai Garden Glow

Last Sunday saw the opening of the spectacular visual spectacle The Dubai Garden Glow for its fourth season in Zabeel Park, Dubai. Similar to its previous seasons the usual themes such as Glow Park, Dinosaur Park and Ice Park were there. Alongside these, the organizers introduced a new Art park flaunting a unique theme- a park built using around 500,000 separate kinds of recyclable porcelain ware, glass vials, plastic dishes and bottles and more than a 1000 CDs.

The massive installations of the new theme park which take in a peacock, a king cobra, a large raging bull, swans of various colors, a panda etc. needed more than 200 artists working hard for around 60 days. It also contains a camel made using those 1000 CDs and an elephant constructed of porcelain ware.

Dubai Garden was initiated by the Dubai Municipality as an effort to establish Dubai as one of the leading tourist attraction all over the world. The success of the previous three seasons has lifted Dubai Garden Glow as one of the largest and unique themed parks across the globe and certainly a go-to destination for families.

The structured of the park is entirely handmade by a group of more than 500 artists using more than ten million lights for illumination.

Our Dubai tip – near Dubai Garden Glow is Dubai Frame

It also stands as a perfect example where the public sector collaborated with the private sector via projects which aim to provide a thrilling and memorable family experience by deploying innovation, creativity and technology.

Video from Dubai Garden Glow


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