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food in Dubai

I’m not going to write much about luxury restaurants where you get western food, I do not see the reason to. Even though you can find really great restaurants with top quality food.

I do not see Dubai as the best place to eat for a simple reason, the food is imported here. You just can not find a restaurant here, as for example in Italy where you would have a salad from a local farm harvested in the morning, or like in Thailand where you get in-the-morning-torn coconut.

But it has to be said that imported products are at the top level here. You can see Carrefour when visiting, where there is a large selection of fruits, fish and practically everything. When you see this you ask yourself: „Damn, how can this be? In my country (Czech Republic) we grow much more food, but selection like this in a country with very few growing possibilities?“.

In Dubai, you can try a very luxurious restaurant, then a very affordable Indian, Afghan or African restaurant, especially in Deira and Burj Dubai, where you can also try street food in the bistros. And you can also try unique fastfoods, eg large Dubai Mall shopping centers have dozens of such refreshments of all kinds from different corners of the world.

Fine dining and gourmet dining

Burj Khalifa – Hotel Armani – I mentioned here. Therefore, in a short – stylish restaurant in the tallest building overlooking Dubai’s fountains (the world’s largest), unlimited food consumption, believe me that everyone will choose food to his own taste and enjoy the stay.

Burj al Arab – a very expensive fun, but it offers various programs – for example teas with suitable refreshments + tour of Burj al Arab. I would personally vote for Burj al Arab, the prices are very high for me, but everyone is different. There are more possibilities here, I recommend to visit their official site for more information.

Luxurious restaurants are many here. For example, while visiting the palm island and the hotel Atlantis, we talked about earlier, you can also visit some great restaurants there and some of them are not so enormously expensive.

Cheap food from different corners of the world

For the cheapest dining available is search in Deira and Burj Dubai – Afghan, Iranian, Indian or African restaurants – often a very simple meal like rice and meat and spices, but the food is really tasty. For example, I like Lebanese restaurants, where you can get some simple cakes and some tea for free. Some restaurants, offer you floor with carpet as a place to sit and eat. Sometimes you can also listen some music of a given country, etc. If you go for example on markets such as Gold Souk, Spice Market, etc., walk through surrounding streets and you will find many such restaurants.

Fastfoods – maybe you wonder why some random fool recommends fastfoods here – I have not gone mad, fastfoods for me mean more than just McDonalds and KFC. There are plenty of top quality fastfoods, where you can taste something untraditional. In the shopping malls you find the most of them. The Dubai Mall offers over 200 restaurants and fastfoods, of which almost everything is a bit of a fastfood. So you have the option to try a lot of new things. You will find excellent fastfoods with sweets, different kinds of ice creams and various beverages.

Coffee and tea – Try Arabic coffee or Moroccan tea, on most you get a beautiful Arabic jug that can be used to pour the liquid in to your mug and that is pretty cool. Especially Arabic coffee is interesting, it contains cardamom and has a very specific taste.

Fresh juice – I feel obliged to warn you that you do not want any sugar or ice. Have a taste of fresh pomegranate, sugar cane, or coconut etc.

Sweet – here I recommend you to try Iranian sweets, or in Arabic restaurants to taste something typically Arabic. Very simple desserts, small and very sweet, but also very good. E.g. dessert from noodles. I’d also like to mention dates, that are grown here and you can het them here in many different forms: fresh, in chocolate or filled with something, etc. It is also a good souvenir! Many shops offer delicious and good-looking candy boxes and the candy inside contains dates. The chocolate box may be a better souvenir than just some little statues or Chinese stuff.

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