Fujairah historical fort

I briefly introduced the Fujairah in the description of the individual emirates. It is an emirate in the immediate vicinity of Oman with beautiful nature, mountains and beautiful sea.

Fujairah occupies a large part of the eastern coast of the UAE, making it the “East Coast”. This is probably the most interesting of the whole emirate, you will find here really long and beautiful sandy beaches with excellent conditions for diving and snorkelling.

Khor Fakkan coast is very popular thanks to the perfect conditions for diving and snorkelling it offers. Nice, clear water with plenty of fish, coral and sea turtles. In larger depths, there are sharks (grey reef, leopard and whale sharks).

The capital of Fujairah was a return to ancient history for me. Especially the local fortress, excavations and walls. The same impression I had while passing nearby villages and towns, such as Bithnah with an archaeological site or Dibbaand with the Necropolis fortress.

Just as the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah has camel races, in Fujairah they have bullfighting for you to see every Friday.

Al-Badiyah is 40 km from the capital of Fujairah and has the oldest mosque in the UAE. Part of the mosque is architectural features. The surrounding area of the mosque was excavated and it was found that the site had been inhabited for 4,000 years. When talking of mosques, it must be said that there is also a new mosque in Fujairah, the second largest in the UAE.

Of course, there are not only castles and museums, but you can find here also the same thing as in the other emirates: shopping centres, restaurants and a variety of services. With a truly beautiful sea, plenty of agencies are offering their services in this part.

The services are mainly connected with diving and snorkelling, day trips on a boat that will take you to several places where there are great snorkelling opportunities, a lunch on the trip boat included and you might even see dolphins.

This emirate is substantially different than, for example, Dubai. Especially with its nature and opportunities, you will feel like you are in another country. From Dubai, it is about 180 km. You can go by taxi, especially if there is more of you. I have to recommend this emirate, it was very interesting for me.

There are also beautiful mountains where I’ve seen a bunch of wild goats, you can also make a trip to Oman, local agencies offer a variety of excursions and the price includes also a visa. You will hear about Oman some other time. I loved it there and so I will need more than just a paragraph in order to describe it well.


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