United Arab Emirates - mosque in Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates - mosque in Abu Dhabi.

Once in Dubai, you might want to ask if there are some interesting locations nearby. Especially if you are there for several days. You are several thousand miles from home, it is a shame not to see other places that are close.

The nearest is the Sharjah emirate. You can get there by taxi. Abu Dhabi is also interesting. This emirate is about 140 kilometres from Dubai.

How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Taxi – quick and comfortable way of getting there. If you travel in a group (for example 3 people), it is cheap as well. One way will cost you 300 AED, ie the trip to Abu Dhabi and back to Dubai costs 600 AED, plus you will drive around Abu Dhabi, so the whole trip might cost 700 AED.

Ibn Battuta metro station is closer, some 115 km away. So you can save some money if you have a subway ticket. The price may be lower even from the centre. It depends on where you are, I included in the price the boarding fee, waiting in a traffic jam, etc…

There are also cheaper taxi options such as gettransfer.com – you can rent a car, or you can have a car with a driver for the whole day, 8 hours, 12 hours, etc., I know it is possible and so it is to hire a taxi. So far I have experienced just with a taxi hired for a day in Dubai, I paid 600 AED for it.

During the day your driver takes people where they want to (in Dubai), waits for them and picks them up again. Most drivers would not wait. Such taxi services often use agencies to make your trips more comfortable.

Bus – I only have experience with the local RTA buses. These are state buses and so it’s good to have an RTA card that you can use for a variety of Dubai transports, the metro, Marin tram, the buses. In short, just transfer some credit there and have many problems solved.

The price is 25 AED, the stations are in more places, eg Gold Souk or Ibn Battuta metro station from which it is faster. The price is then some dirham cheaper and you will save your way through Dubai.

Helicopter – If you do not count every dirham, you can have it with all the style. A helicopter for 5 people from Dubai to Abu Dhabi costs about 15,000 AED one way and takes about 40-50 minutes. I do not have the experience with it. It might be possible to bargain for the price and get a better one.

Best in the end – I described the Turbopass for Dubai here. In the price is included a boat trip to Abu Dhabi and a bus to Abu Dhabi, of course, lots of entries around the Dubai and excursions. If you want to enjoy your trip and do not want to spend too much money, then this option is for you the best.

It is the cheapest option, you have a lot of stuff included in it. Not to mention that just Burj Khalifa entry and going to the desert would cost much more than this card.



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