Dubai LEGOLAND – LEGOLAND Water Park in Dubai

Legoland in Dubai is a great place, especially for families with children. There are 6 themed areas and more than 40 attractions. 15000 models is built from more than 60 million cubes. Legoland in Dubai consist of 2 parks – Legoland and Legoland Water Park.

Legoland is such a children’s lunapark with attractions. You can admire buildings from LEGO cubes, parts of the Dubai from cubes or ride on the attractions. You will find both very simple buildings and very complex ones. Children can print their own cubes or develop their skills in memory.

There are a lot of famous characters from the LEGO world, like firefighters, cops and variety of other professions too.

Children from 6 to 12 years of age can go to the driving school and get their own “driving licence”. Smaller kids can play and try LEGO in Duplo Valley, older kids can try the Master Builder Academy.

To the most adrenaline attractions belongs the roller coaster with 60 km/h. You are riding a dragon exploring the building, watching fish and sharks from a small Lego submarine. Interesting is here also 4D cinema.

Legoland Water Park Dubai

Another Legoland Park, where you must have a ticket purchased. Swimming pools, slides, water slides, boating between waves. For smaller children, it is better than classic water parks.

Refreshment in Legoland Dubai

Riverland – this is a place with shops and restaurants, here you can snack, relax or buy souvenirs. By the way, shops in Legoland are plenty, as well as toilets. Everything is very thoughtful so that the family can really enjoyed it. You can be here all day, ideally if it is not too hot but sunny weather, which is in Dubai all year.

Admission to Legoland Dubai

Day ticket is 295 AED, children’s 250 AED. All-year ticket regardless of age 765 AED. Children under 3 years of age have free admission. The daily ticket to both parks is 100 AED, which is more expensive. Therefore, it is good to consider whether you would not have used an annual ticket if you are planning to go to Dubai for example 2x and children could be here multiple times.

Address and availability Dubai Legoland

Dubai Parks and Resort on Sheikh Zayed Road – you can use a taxi or a free bus that runs from major shopping malls and hotels. I personally recommend a taxi if you are not at the hotel which has his own shuttle bus. From Dubai Marina, Legoland is approximately 25km away, but it is better to save time and enjoy the Legoland in terms of the admission price.

Videos from Legoland Dubai



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