Shopping Centers in Dubai – Where to Go shopping in Dubai

Mall Emirates Dubai

Dubai offers huge shopping houses. Well huge… the largest in the world – the Dubai Mall. It’s not just about shopping, but also about entertainment and possibilities.

Shopping Centers in Dubai  – Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall – the world’s largest shopping center with marine aquariums, ice rinks, over 200 restaurants and refreshment stands, if you have trouble choosing the right goods for you, then do not worry, there is more than 1200 stores and that is surely going to be enough. More about Dubai Mall and the surrounding area here.

Shopping Centers in Dubai – Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates – a bit smaller shopping center, over 100 places offering refreshment and over 600 shops. There is also a great attraction – a covered ski slope, you can ski right in the shopping center. There is chairlift available. You get winter clothes, you can lend anything connected to skiing and go right for the fun. I´ve heard that gloves are not to lend there and you have to buy them. So if you would like here to go there, either bring your gloves or buy them somewhere inexpensively.

You also have the opportunity to buy a package containing tickets for several attractions including dishes, seasonal ski passes and more, more information can be found here: – here you can find packages, book tickets, etc.
The Mall of the Emirates also features a Boeing trench and plenty of beautiful decorations and plenty of options. I certainly recommend you to visit this place.

Where to Go shopping in Dubai – Ibn Battuta Mall

Ibn Battuta Mall – a beautiful shopping center inspired by several countries. It is right by the metro (station is named the same). It is a business center that you will be happy to go through.
China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunis and Andalusia – you will find the neighborhoods build in the style of these places. In Chinatown I recommend walking as if to cars, you have to go out and you will be at the place where there are restaurants and humid air thanks to the fact, there is water everywhere. What a beautiful place for a dinner.

Where to Go shopping in Dubai – Deira City Center

Deira City Center – according to me, shopping center where you can buy a lot of things cheaply, is in Deira – nearby metro stop is called the same. So if you are someday at Gold Souk, you can drive here or use a taxi to make it easy for yourself. Do not expect anything miraculous here, it is just a cheaper shopping mall (still quite large), Carrefour is well supplied, and it’s really a several minutes from the airport. So you can visit it here before departure and buy thing you need.

Other – Dubai offers a lot of shopping centers, I listed the ones that are most interesting, if you have an interesting tip, don’t forget to share it in the comments.


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