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If you are travelling to Dubai alone, you can enjoy the place and travel further. Oman is a beautiful place to see. You can read about 1 day trip from Dubai to Oman.

From Dubai, you can fly to Muscat, to the capital, which is situated by the sea. Oman is about something different as Dubai is. It is a perfect place on scuba diving, snorkeling and trips on a boat with view on dolphins. I had a one-day trip from Dubai to Oman. It is necessary to add, that the car ride took an hour and it was not cheap at all. If you will plan trip to Dubai, you can go to Oman for 3 days and then go back to Dubai. You do not have to fly only to Muscat, but also to Salalah.

Visas to Oman – New of 2018

Visas to Oman can only be set up online, specifically here:, you will pay 20 OMR (approximately $ 1,200) for 30 days of your stay, by an online card payment.

You will no longer set up the visa at the airport as it was in the past!

What to see in Muscat – a few tips

Muscat is a nice, clean city, I recommend to look at:

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  • Sultan’s ceremonial palace Al Alam
  • Muttrah Souk – a great Arabian market
  • Bait Al Zubair – museum
  • Trip to mountains

There is plenty of opportunities for boat trips or diving or you can enjoy the sea, sun and nice walks around the city and the delights of local restaurants. Traditional Shuwa – roasted meat in the underground oven or Maqbous – saffron (e.g. yellow) rice with spicy meat is worth trying. There are many traditional meals, kitchens come with such an Arabic taste with a bit of India.

I did not experience a lot of Western restaurants in Oman, it would be a domain of complexes. Do not worry, you can find McDonalds, but try at least local gastronomy.

Photos from Oman


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