Trips from Dubai – Dubai Desert Safari Tours and trip to Oman

Dubai Desert Safari Tours
Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Today I will describe you two trips that could be an interesting choice for you.

Dubai Desert Safari Tours

Dubai Desert Safari Tours – a trip to the desert – most of the time it works so that at a certain time (sometime in the afternoon) a car will come to you, take you to an oasis in a desert. Then an offroads ride along the dunes follow. The cars meant for this purpose have dropped tires and to ride in them is a very good experience full of adrenaline. I also saw how one of the cars got buried in the sand and people had to dig it up. The driver told me that he turned over with the car several times.

Most of the program in Dubai Desert Safari Tours is in the oasis. You have the opportunity to ride a camel, then see some belly dancing and have a dinner, you can also have a water pipe and enjoy the evening in the desert. Alternatively, pay for some more activities like quads and desert rides, etc.

Some agencies also offer a morning Dubai desert safari tours, which is cheaper. Take a picture of you on the desert, for example, when you are on a dune and have a sunset in your back and then jump at the moment the driver takes a shot. There is a choice to make, different packages are always available.

Dubai Desert Safari Tours video

Visiting Oman

Visiting Oman – sailing fjords, multi-day trips, diving, visiting various places, etc.

I visited Oman only as a day trip from the emirate of Ras al Khaimah, sailing fjords, snorkeling, meal on the boat, a wonderful day and I have to say it is surely worthwhile. Oman is a beautiful country; it is far from Dubai, a 3 hour drive to Khasab where there is the possibility to have a day trip to the fjords.

So consider whether you want to be 6 hours in the car, but if you were in the emirate closer to Khasab, do not forget to make the trip. Recently I came across this agency: The company offers you a multi-day tour of Oman, you can take it into account when planning your accommodation because it is 100% worth it.


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